Accomplice Bitch Terri

Play time hours
Mon Tue Thur Friday Sunday 9am to 7pm Est
Off Wed and Saturday
By appointment only

Welcome to my accomplice fantasy world. I’ve only been to prison twice. Some was for playing to extreme others well because of my mischievous play of others. My last round well it was just for being sloppy and getting caught. I have always been somewhat of a loner but only of late have this deep dark urge to have an accomplice. I have tortured all sorts of things while masturbating trust me it’s a sight.

My first accidental death was a little bitch right down the street. She was so nice and obedient I just kept pushing the limits until I broke her little neck. That poor little whore. I hid her body under the neighbor’s pool it took years for them to find her. The sweet taste of victory until she was found. As time progress, so did my desires going from innocent to snuff and extreme age play.

My accomplice play has been so deviant that sometimes I even scare my partners. I think I will tone it down a bit I’m getting to old to do this alone. Know that when you place a call with me that I am more than just a call. I am your reality.
No more cheating wives or teen brats I have the perfect thing to take care of them all. Call me for your adventure of fun.